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What are we doing?

For one hundred million people to understand block chain Appealing block chain enthusiasts from all over the world to establish a decentralized block chain amateur community, and for lovers block chain alliance community for decentralized integrated service platform, every member of the community to have block chain lovers token, into a report training, talent reserves, project promotion trinity block chain amateur community, will be more fans to popularize block chain technology.

About us

We are a group aspires to make one hundred million people understand block chain practitioners .



  • ShaoHua Li


  • YeKai Yang


  • Hao Li


  • Lan Mi


  • HaoXin Hua


  • ZhenJun Ma


  • mysterious developer


Our Mission

1. For one hundred million people to understand block chain. 2. Building block chain enthusiasts around the world. 3. Let more people know block chain, away from the "block chain banner of chain project, let more people know the block chain.

Our plan

  • N0.1

    17 years in the country 24 provinces popularize knowledge of chain blocks, almost ten thousand people directly benefit (finished).

  • N0.2

    22 provinces have established early lovers of block chain alliance (finished).

  • N0.3

    18 years in 15 provinces and ten countries to do more than 30 blocks chain knowledge lectures, (already).


  • 01/The value of bit community currency?

    To become the world's block chain knowledge popularization value between global community circulation carrier!

  • 02/Application scenario?

    1, can be in a lot of offline block chain popularize the use of training and online network system in the circulation. 2, circulation in the bit community school 3, the resources sharing

  • 03/Technical direction?

    We have adopted the currency native UTXO model, on the premise of security, with low energy consumption mechanism of pow graphics mining algorithm.

  • 04/You compete with peers?

    We are only willing to block chain faster and more efficient spread to the world, with an open, transparent, and attitude to serve the community, so welcome to block chain lovers together to participate in the construction of the great mission; For one hundred million people to understand block chain we need your support;

  • 05/Bitcoin CommunityTotal amount? Whether the dig? How much is the bifurcation height?

    Bitcoins Community totaled 222.6 billion, all of the BTC holders will be dropped, according to the scale of 1 to 000 of which 6% of the total by bitcoins Community foundation, committed to global block chain knowledge popularization, the iterative upgrade Community ecological construction and technology,Bifurcation height is 506066.

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